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Pacquiao vs Bradley Tickets Are Still Available

After 12 rounds of boxing, Manny Pacquiao was able to get the belt back after winning via unanimous decision against Tim Bradley on April 12, 2014 at MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada USA. There are millions of people around the world  watching the fight and the rematch fight of Pacquiao vs Bradley had been trending in social media.

Here are some of the posted comments and round per round reviews in our Facebook page.

Rd1: Counter and attack as Manny Pacquiao uses aggression early in this fight… Tim Bradley returning a punch quickly and assertively. Bradley landing his straight right. Pacquiao looking good with his footwork moving effectively around the ring.

Rd2: Bradley using his feints against Pacquiao, but Manny staying aggressive and in the pocket. Bradley hooking to the body and upstairs and connecting. The crowd cheering at the action in the ring. Good pace through 2 rounds.

Rd3: Pacquiao and Bradley going at it all over the ring. Each boxer swinging for the knockout punch. Bradley focused in on Manny’s body and Manny looking to swarm Tim with punches!!

Rd4: Bradley rocks Pacquiao momentarily near the ropes and decides not to pursue as Manny recovers. A good round for Tim Bradley as his shots connected and affected Manny in this round.

Rd5: As Pacquiao retreats back, Bradley is able to catch him and connect with the bigger shots. Slightly slower pace in this round as the chess match continues in the rematch.

Rd6: We’re at the halfway mark and towards the end of the round Tim Bradley puts his guard down to challenge Pacquiao’s punching power. Manny sends a flurry of punches his way while Bradley is against the ropes, but manages to make Pacquiao miss most of his shots.

Rd7: Manny Pacquiao reaches Tim Bradley early in the round and he stumbles. Tim goes against the ropes again challenging Manny to throw and Manny is more than happy to oblige. As the round continues Bradley continues to waive Manny in as he tries to counter his attack. Tim throwing caution to the wind during this round as Manny landing a lot of shots.

Rd8: Bradley continues to invite Pacquiao to attack as he ducks and moves from Manny’s attack. Bradley talking to Pacquiao in the ring when they clinch. Tim moving around the ring and is content to let Manny chase and miss him. Will that be enough to win rounds?

Rd9: We have 15,601 in attendance tonight watching the rematch between Pacquaio vs Bradley. Manny knocking Bradley back into the ropes and continues to pursue the elusive Bradley in the ring. Bradley trying to land a counter left hook when Manny comes in. We’ve got 3 more rounds to decide this.

Rd10: Pacquiao landing some hard shots on Bradley, but Tim keeps looking to counter him coming in. Manny looking fresher going into the last two rounds. Bradley with a slight limp coming back to his corner.

Rd11: Pacquiao continues to press the action against Bradley. We’re headed to the 12th and final round. Tim landing a nice over hand right as Manny comes in with a left.

Rd12: Bradley draws blood from Pacquiao in the closing seconds of the round and Tim attacks in the closing seconds.

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For the next pay per view event in MGM Grand Arena, it will be the fight of Mayweather and Maidana this coming May 3rd, get your tickets now at TicketNetwork.

7 Responses to “Pacquiao vs Bradley Tickets Are Still Available”

  1. I’m so excited to watch the rematch, just got two tickets from you guys! Thank you so much for giving us links.. worth it!

  2. I’d rather watch this fight than waiting for the Mayweather fight on May, still no official announcement from that gay boxer to whom he will fight on Cinco de Mayo. It almost 3 months to go, but no opponent yet.

    I am so excited for Pacquiao fights, as Mike Tyson said, Mayweather fight is more boring than the Pacquiao’s :) ^_^ True!

    Got tickets from this site. Recommended… Thank you..

    • Brian Paul Yap

      Tim & Raff, we saw your order, we are now processing it for you. Thank you for purchasing tickets from us. See you on the fight night.

  3. I’m confused how this works. How can you sell tickets that are not available to the public yet?

    • Brian Paul Yap


      They are now available in public. You can now buy tickets from the link above. Just click on the link View Tickets, lot of fans already reserve seats, and today it’s your time to do it.

      Thank you.

  4. I have gone to ticketmaster.com and mgmgrand.com and the tickets werent up yet. Im as confused as steve. How can you sell tickets that are not out yet?

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